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Do you know where to go to find the best fixies for sale?

fixies for saleYou’ve most likely decided on what you want your fixie for, but now you just have to locate the right one.

Finding fixie bikes for sale is not difficult if you know where to look, but the whole process can be a tricky one your first time out if you are not careful.

Finding a good fixie for sale can be a real challenge.

So where are the best places to look?

The first stop you should make is

I always make a quick visit here to assess the choice of fixies for sale before considering anywhere else.

The great thing is that is a solid, reliable and trustworthy shopping experience.

They have great customer service and a good return policy.

This is essential if you are buying cheap fixie bikes online.

Yes you know the frame size you are after, but when you get it, it also has to feel right.

fixie for saleThere is no point spending $200 on one of the fixed gear bikes for sale if you hate it and can’t send it back.

I also like the fact that when looking at the fixies for sale on Amazon you can check out actual customer reviews.


Secondly you could also check out eBay.

Now there are more unknowns when dealing with sellers on EBay.

But if you go searching for fixed gear bikes there with your eyes open, or knowing what questions to ask you can pick up some real bargains.

This applies both for the bikes themselves and spares.

Of course there are also business sellers of fixed gear bikes and you should look at these members first.

fixie for saleWe can’t talk about fixies for sale without mentioning Craigslist.

When it started it was great, but unfortunately there are a lot of time wasters on here now. You might be able to find the occasional gem locally, but on the whole you are more than likely going to be wasting your time.

Finally you always have to consider your local bike store as well.

Whether or not you get good attention, really depends on the staff and the type of bike store it is.

Avoiding chains or commercial discount ones will help when looking for cheap fixies for sale.

If you are after a track bike you will probably find plenty of choices, but road bike and fixed mountain bikes are more difficult.

The ideal situation is a small local business which is solely owned.

The great thing about this is that looking for fixies for sale can turn into a great way to actually pick out a custom fixie or to gather cheap parts to build you own by building up a relationship with the owner.

Remember make your choice and set your budget before you start out on your quest.

Don’t be afraid to turn down unsuitable fixies for sale.

This is all about getting the right feel for your pursuit. A fixie will not just be a bike, but a real extension of your body.

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