Fixie Wheels

A great set of fixie wheels on a fixie is the key to the success of the best fixie bikes. Of course they keep your butt off the ground, but the combination of the fixie rims spokes and tires determine the stability and handling of your bike.

Fixie wheels, also house the heart of your creation, the hub.

Aptly named for a fixed gear bike, the performance of this in the rear wheel really sets the tone for the whole bike.

fixie wheelsSo how do we determine what to get or build when we talk about fixie wheels?

Now for many traditionalists or custom addicts fixie wheels can only be hand built.

But this skill is hard to learn with many pitfalls.

Anyway, today it is unnecessary.

New cheaper fixed gear wheels are available online and in some specialized shops.

Even so, if you come across any fixie bike wheels that have a hub to die for you may still consider custom building. You can always pay an expert to put together your custom fixie wheels for you anyway.

When you do find your fixie wheels, make sure that they are right for you.

Look at any reviews online to check that they will do for you what you need them for.

– If you are going off road then track bike wheels are useless and vice versa. Match the wheels to the fixed gear bicycle use.

– Check if you want to use the chance to get a wheel with a flip flop hub, which has a sprocket on either side. This is very popular for fixed gear mountain bikes.

Of the ready built wheels available several brands and types spring out as good buys for fixie wheels.

fixie wheels


The Vuelta Zerolite Pro 700c Road Bike Wheelset looks great as well as functions well. Great for flexibility with 2 spacers on the rear hub, they look pretty cool as well, fitted with black stainless steel spokes.




fixie wheelsThe real vogue at the moment though, seems to be Velocity wheels. They are made in Australia from aircraft grade aluminum. These fixie parts come in a huge range of colors and styles and you can pick up a quality set such as the Deep V Road Wheel Set with a 700C rim for under $200 on Amazon. Of course you do again need to be sure you match the wheel to the bike and use. These Velocity Deep V’s are going to be no good on a fixed gear mountain bike now.


Sourcing fixie wheels can be a great adventure, especially if you are on a budget or looking to self build your own.

But again if you refuse to buy new, then you need to have persistence and a willingness to beg and scavenge to get what you need.

Of course if you have a few dollars to spare, then you can pick up a new set of fixie wheels off Amazon and save all the hassle.

At least after finding your desired fixie wheels you can start building and spraying.

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