Deep V Rims

So what are deep V rims?

Well it is all down to the section or profile of the rim. These new V rims have a very different profile to the standard wheel rims.

They are much deeper and as the name says, shaped into a deep cut V.

Benefits of deep V rims.

– Now the idea goes that fixie rims with this profile are a lot stronger. This can’t be argued with much.

– That means that these deep V rims don’t need as many spokes either.

– The final claim about fixed gear rims with this profile is that as there are less spokes, they are more aerodynamic. Unless you are track racing, when there is less weight, this last claim is debatable.

No matter what the technology and claims though, rims such as the Velocity Deep V Rims Single Speed are extremely popular and here to stay.

deep v rimsIn fact Velocity rims seem to be quickly dominating the market for deep V rims. They are a high tech and high quality rim made from aircraft grade aluminum. This makes these deep V rims for sale by Velocity extremely light and very strong.

Velocity are not the only manufacturers around though.

Origin 8 Track Attack Wheels are gaining in popularity and also come in a nice range of colors and combinations, enough to satisfy the tricks brigade and the track boys. Along with Velocity and Origin 8, Weinmann formed the last of this triumvirate of deep v technology who seem to be dominating the stores and online at the moment.

A set of Velocity Deep V Track Rims is going to set you back over $200 on a good day and much higher if you don’t shop around.

The question is as to whether any benefit is that tangible for the money at the level of most riders.

If you are at the top of your sport, then that little extra can make all the difference deep v rimsbetween gold and silver. But away from that intensity, for most people, is it really all about trends?

There is nothing actually wrong with Deep V rims, but before you actually part with that much cash, are you just chasing shadows really?

Deep V rims do have their faults as well and are not suitable for some applications.

In fact for off road, they are highly unsuitable and their use could lead to serious damage to you or your bike.

This is what you need to consider before you start splashing the cash on Deep V rims because everyone else seems to have a set.

Just like any other hobby or sport, fixed gear biking is subject to the same whims and trends.

For the hard core, this is usually of no matter. But for others, the next shiny thing is the thing to buy. Deep v rims seem to be coming into this sort of area now. Quality fixed gear rims are essential for a solid and safe experience. They aid braking and take the impact of the road or rocks.

Deep V rims are a new entrant into this market.

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